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Demography of Aging


Uhlenberg, Peter (2005). Demography of Aging.. Poston, Dudley L., Jr. & Micklin, Michael (Eds.) (pp. 143-167). New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.


The Handbook of Population is organized for classroom as well as reference use. It is divided into four sections – Population Structure, Population Processes, Population and the Social Sciences, and Applied Demography – and includes both an Introduction and an Epilogue by the editors. Part I, Population Structure, contains chapters on population size and growth, age and sex composition, marriage and family structure, and demographic analyses of gender, aging, race and ethnicity, and the labor force. Part II is focused on population processes, and includes chapters on fertility, infant and adult mortality, internal and international migration, and the demography of social stratification. Part III reflects the growing multidisciplinary nature of demography. Finally, Part IV recognizes the varied practical applications of demographic perspectives and data to national and global issues and problems.
The chapter authors in this volume are among the leading contributors to demographic scholarship over the past four decades, representing a variety of disciplines and theoretical perspectives, as well as interests in both basic and applied research.

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research


Uhlenberg, Peter