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Racial/Ethnic Disparity and Economic Development


Darity, William A., Jr. (2002). Racial/Ethnic Disparity and Economic Development. In Davidson, Paul (Ed.), A Post-Keynesian Perspective on 21st Century Economic Problems (pp. 126-36). Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar.


Proceedings from a June 2000 conference held in Knoxville, Tennessee, bringing together an international group of about 90 participants from universities, government agencies, and think tanks. Twelve of the 67 papers from the conference were selected for publication in this text, examining key economic problems and new policies for a contemporary global economy. Topics include development problems in Brazil, the quest by developing nations for an export-lead growth strategy, the constraint of balance-of-payments on Mexico's long-term growth, racial/ethnic disparity and economic development, decreasing economic growth in the U. S., the problem of a lack of effective demand, and Spanish unemployment and profitability since 1980. For academics and policy-makers in economics, banking, and financial markets.

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Book Chapter

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A Post-Keynesian Perspective on 21st Century Economic Problems


Darity, William A., Jr.


Davidson, Paul

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Edward Elgar

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Northampton, Mass.

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