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Organizations and the Intersection of Work and Family: A Comparative Perspective


Appelbaum, Eileen; Bailey, Thomas; Berg, Peter; & Kalleberg, Arne L. (2005). Organizations and the Intersection of Work and Family: A Comparative Perspective.. Ackroyd, Stephen; Batt, Rosemary; Thompson, Paul; & Tolbert, Pamela S. (Eds.) (pp. 52-73). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.


The Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization aims to bring together, present, and discuss what is currently known about work and organizations and their connection to broader economic change in Europe and America. Issues of conceptualization are not neglected but, in contrast to other comparable volumes, the emphasis is firmly on what is known what and has been observed by researchers. The volume contains a range of theoretically informed articles, giving comprehensive coverage of changes in work, occupations, and organizations, and an overview of the accumulated understanding of research into work, occupations and organizations in recent decades. It shows that in almost every aspect of economic institutions, change has been considerable. The subject areas of work, occupations, and organizations are considered in four major sections of the volume. In this way the contemporary situation in work and organizations is considered extensively in its different dimensions and interconnections.

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Appelbaum, Eileen
Bailey, Thomas
Berg, Peter
Kalleberg, Arne L.