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Gray, Sandra J.; Leslie, Paul W.; & Akol, Helen Alinga (2002). Uncertain Disaster: Environmental Instability, Colonial Policy, and the Resilience of East African Pastoral Systems.. Leonard, William R. & Crawford, Michael H. (Eds.) (pp. 99-130). Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.


The Human Biology of Pastoral Populations draws together the current knowledge of the biology, population structure, and ecology of herding populations. It investigates how pastoral populations adapt to limited and variable food availability, the implications of the herding way of life for reproductive patterns, population structure and genetic diversity, and the impacts of ongoing social and ecological changes on the health and well-being of these populations. This volume will be of broad interest to scholars in anthropology, human biology, genetics, and demography.

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Gray, Sandra J.
Leslie, Paul W.
Akol, Helen Alinga


Leslie - 0000-0001-9856-4602