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Remote Sensing


Quattrochi, Dale A.; Walsh, Stephen J; .; Jensen, John R.; & Ridd, Merrill K. (2003). Remote Sensing.. Gaile, Gary L. & Willmott, Cort J. (Eds.) (pp. 376-416). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.


Geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century surveys American geographers' current research in their specialty areas and tracks trends and innovations in the many subfields of geography. As such, it is both a 'state of the discipline' assessment and a topical reference.
It includes an introduction by the editors and 47 chapters, each on a specific specialty. The authors of each chapter were chosen by their specialty group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). Based on a process of review and revision, the chapters in this volume have become truly representative of the recent scholarship of American geographers. While it focuses on work since 1990, it additionally includes related prior work and work by non-American geographers.
The initial Geography in America was published in 1989 and has become a benchmark reference of American geographical research during the 1980s. This latest volume is completely new and features a preface written by the eminent geographer, Gilbert White.

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Quattrochi, Dale A.
Walsh, Stephen J
Jensen, John R.
Ridd, Merrill K.