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Lance, Peter M.; Akin, John S.; Dow, William H.; & Loh, Chung-Ping A. (2004). Is Cigarette Smoking in Poorer Nations Highly Sensitive to Price? Evidence from Russia and China. Journal of Health Economics, 23(1), 173-189.


We examine cigarette demand in China and Russia using longitudinal micro-level household and community surveys. Previous developing-country price elasticity estimates of around -0.75 have been larger than United States estimates of about -0.4, but the former have relied primarily on aggregate data. In contrast, our micro-level price elasticity estimates in China and Russia range from 0 to -0.15. Thus, raising prices in poorer countries may not reduce smoking to the degree previously suggested.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Health Economics


Lance, Peter M.
Akin, John S.
Dow, William H.
Loh, Chung-Ping A.