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Darity, William A., Jr. & Myers, Samuel L., Jr. (2000). Languishing in Inequality: Racial Disparities in Wealth and Earnings in the New Millennium.. Jackson, James S. (Ed.) (pp. 86-118). Washington: National Policy Association.


"New Directions" presents significant and timely data on eight topical areas as well as thought-provoking recommendations for eliminating racial disparities and promoting greater awareness of the complexities arising from America's new diversity. Beginning with a review of current demographic data and an analysis of public attitudes on race and other policy issues, the study addresses income and wealth, education, health, family structure, politics, and criminal justice. It finds that the increasing diversity within the African American population indicates both progress and continuing challenges in each area. The study discusses the potential of several models of intergroup collaboration and the pitfalls of competition as all sectors of society seek to obtain the benefits of America's growing prosperity.

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Darity, William A., Jr.
Myers, Samuel L., Jr.