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Renal Tumors


Bernstein, Leslie; Linet, Martha; Smith, Malcolm A.; & Olshan, Andrew F. (1999). Renal Tumors.. Ries, Lynn A. Gloeckler; Smith, Malcolm A.; Gurney, James G.; Linet, Martha; Tamra, Thea; Young, John L., Jr.; & Bunin, Greta R. (Eds.) (pp. 79-90). Bethesda, Md.: National Cancer Institute, SEER Program.


A compendium of statistical trends and risk factors associated with childhood cancers is available here. The NCI monograph, Cancer Incidence and Survival among Children and Adolescents: United States SEER Program, 1975-1995, is intended to aid researchers in the search for answers about these rare cancers.
Childhood cancers vary by type of histology, site of disease origin, race, gender, and age. To explain this spectrum of different malignancies, the monograph details incidence, mortality, survival, and demographic trends for individual primary sites and histologic groupings in 11 separate chapters. Additional chapters are dedicated to infants, adolescents ages 15 to 19 years, and mortality rates. Overall trends combining all cancer sites are included.

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Bernstein, Leslie
Linet, Martha
Smith, Malcolm A.
Olshan, Andrew F.