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Gutman, Garik; Janetos, Anthony C.; Justice, Christopher O.; Moran, Emilio F.; Mustard, John F.; Rindfuss, Ronald R.; Skole, David; Turner, Billie L., II; & Cochrane, Mark A. (2004). Land Change Science: Observing, Monitoring and Understanding Trajectories of Change on the Earth’s Surface. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


This volume is a synthesis of the NASA funded work under the Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Program. Hundreds of scientists have worked for the past eight years to understand one of the most important forces that is changing our planet-human impacts on land cover, that is land use. Its contributions span the natural and the social sciences, and apply state-of-the-art techniques for understanding the earth: satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems, modeling, and advanced computing. It brings together detailed case studies, regional analyses, and globally scaled mapping efforts.

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Gutman, Garik
Janetos, Anthony C.
Justice, Christopher O.
Moran, Emilio F.
Mustard, John F.
Rindfuss, Ronald R.
Skole, David
Turner, Billie L., II
Cochrane, Mark A.