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Landscape Characterization through Remote Sensing, GIS, and Population Surveys


Rindfuss, Ronald R.; Walsh, Stephen J.; & Entwisle, Barbara (1999). Landscape Characterization through Remote Sensing, GIS, and Population Surveys.. Morain, Stanley A. (Ed.) (pp. 251-265). Sante Fe, N.M.: OnWord Press.


GIS Solutions in Natural Resource Management enables readers to explore how diverse data sets may be applied to specific areas of study, ranging from sustainability to the incorporation of economic, demographic, and cultural indicators into resource management models. Central to the book are case studies that depict social and life scientists combining efforts to utilize GIS to respond to, and solve, today’s sociopolitical challenges such as:Protecting endangered species,Preventing famine, Managing water and land usage,Transporting toxic materials,Locating scenic trails through public and private lands. Sections I and II introduce a progression of technique developments and requirements for current resource management applications. Section III enables readers to delve beyond these traditional approaches and their requirements to translate GIS resource technology into social and economic terms. Each chapter of the book is written in tutorial style to convey its central ideas

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Rindfuss, Ronald R.
Walsh, Stephen J.
Entwisle, Barbara