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Causes of Prematurity


Savitz, David A. & Pastore, Lisa M. (1999). Causes of Prematurity.. McCormick, Marie C. & Siegel, Joanna E. (Eds.) (pp. 63-104). Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.


This key clinical resource evaluates the effectiveness of prenatal care interventions and provides a framework for prenatal care that looks beyond the limited perspective of immediate neonatal outcomes. Ultimately, the book improves the content and implementation of prenatal care by shifting the focus away from short-term technocentric medical advances to concentrate on the broader public health issues. A unique aspect of this work is its focus on the effectiveness of prenatal care interventions in promoting the long-term health of women and children. Chapters review traditional medical interventions, as well as social support and behavioral interventions during prenatal care. Effectiveness is considered within the context of their implications for public policy and service delivery. An important resource for clinicians, policy makers and health care managers, the book provides important evidence of the prenatal care services that improve long-term maternal and child health.

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Savitz, David A.
Pastore, Lisa M.