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Modeling Strategies: In Search of the Holy Grail


Bollen, Kenneth A. (2000). Modeling Strategies: In Search of the Holy Grail. Structural Equation Modeling, 7(1), 74-81.


Modeling strategies are subject to debate for virtually all statistical procedures. Witness the sharp disagreements over stepwise regression, the interpretation of clusters in cluster analysis, or the identification of outliers and influential points. The largely objective basis of statistical algorithms does not remove the need for
human judgment in their implementation. So it is not surprising that the use of structural equation models is subject to disputes over the best way to formulate and test models. Though I must admit considerable scepticism about whether it is possible to have a single generic strategy that would prove optimal over all substantive areas and types of structural equation models, articles and discussions such as those of Hayduk and Glaser (2000) and Mulaik (1998) are very helpful in that they bring out the merits and limits of the alternative procedures.


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Journal Article

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Structural Equation Modeling


Bollen, Kenneth A.