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Farrell, Walter C., Jr. & Johnson, James H., Jr. (2001). Minority Political Representation in the New Millennium: The New Demographics and the Voting Rights Act. North Carolina Law Review, 79(5), 1215-1251.


During the thirty-six years since the passage of the Voting Rights Act, ethnic minority participation in the political arena has increased dramatically. The purpose of this Article is to examine three critical challenges that have emerged, and are emerging, as a result of the actual and projected increase of America's ethnic
minority groups (principally African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders, and, to a lesser extent, Native Americans). These challenges are: (1) tensions between ethnic minority groups as they vie for political power, (2) the establishment of majority-minority congressional districts, and (3) factors/initiatives that serve to reduce voter participation among ethnic minority groups, with a focus on the 2000 presidential election. Our findings suggest that inter-minority and majorityminority conflicts concerning political representation and voting, respectively, loom on the twenty-first century political horizon, and that minority groups must collaborate to advance their political interests.


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Journal Article

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North Carolina Law Review


Farrell, Walter C., Jr.
Johnson, James H., Jr.