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Johnson, James H., Jr.; Johnson-Webb, Karen D.; & Farrell, Walter C., Jr. (1999). A Profile of Hispanic Newcomers to North Carolina. Popular Government, 65(1), 2-12.


Historically, whites, blacks, and Native Americans have constituted a numerical majority of the population of North Carolina and the South generally. In recent years, however, population growth driven by immigration has dramatically transformed the racial and ethnic composition of the state and the region. Over the past two decades, newcomers to the state and the region have included substantial numbers of people who either were born in, or are offspring or descendants of people who were born in, Mexico, another Latin American country, or Southeast Asia. Between the two demographic groups represented by the newcomers, Hispanics constitute the larger and therefore the more visible one.


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Journal Article

Year Published


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Popular Government


Johnson, James H., Jr.
Johnson-Webb, Karen D.
Farrell, Walter C., Jr.