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Brown, Jane D. & Pardun, Carol J. (2004). Little in Common: Racial and Gender Differences in Adolescents’ Television Diets. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 48(2), 266-278.


The assumption that adolescents exist in a common youth culture that cuts across race and gender lines is examined. A sample of 2,942 middle schoolers completed questionnaires. Of the 7 40 television shows listed, only 4 were watched regularly by at least one-third of 4 audience segments (Black females, Black males, White females, White males). Few Whites watched any of the Black teens' top IO shows, and only 2 of the girls' top IO shows were on the boys' list. These data provide little support for the notion of a common youth culture, at least as reflected in current television programming.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media


Brown, Jane D.
Pardun, Carol J.