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Jones, Angela Lewellyn; Davis, Shannon N.; & Price, Jammie (2004). Preparing Future Faculty: A New Approach at North Carolina State University. Teaching Sociology, 32(3), 264-275.


In the fall of 2000 the Department of Sociology at North Carolina State University (NCSU) implemented a Phase IV Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) initiative. The goal of this program was (and is) to ensure that doctoral students anticipating entry into a professional position be prepared for all expectations associated with faculty life in a wide variety of college and university placements. NCSU's program combined in-house research mentoring opportunities as well as off-campus mentoring relationships with faculty at other schools to explore the teaching and service responsibilities of junior faculty members. An evaluation committee assessed the effectiveness of this new initiative. Data were collected using several methods, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The committee found the PFF program to be a welcome addition to graduate training; however, the NCSU program experienced struggles that provide insight for other schools that may wish to start a PFF program of their own.


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Journal Article

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Teaching Sociology


Jones, Angela Lewellyn
Davis, Shannon N.
Price, Jammie