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Evaluation of Impacts of the Urban Family Health Partnership (UFHP)


Angeles, Gustavo & Hutchinson, Paul L. (2003). Evaluation of Impacts of the Urban Family Health Partnership (UFHP). Chapel Hill, N.C.: Carolina Population Center MEASURE.


Data from the 2001 Urban Family Health Partnership (UFHP) Evaluation Survey are used to determine the impact of the project in improving populations' health and health care seeking behaviors. The results here have two main components: 1) a discussion of trends in the use of UFHP services, and 2) multilevel analyses of determinants of health outcomes and health-care seeking behaviors. The evaluation survey presents the following key findings: 1) Since 1998, there have been notable increases in the share of UFHP providers in the supply of antenatal care, contraceptive methods, and childhood immunizations. The project seems to have little impact on children's curative care. 2) Except for antenatal care and modren contraception, there is little statistical difference between the poor and non-poor in many health outcomes and the use of UFHP health providers. 3) Proximity to UHFP providers significantly increases the likelihood that women will use essential UFHP services. The quality of UFHP satellite clinics has a significant impact upon their use. 4)Price has a small effect on use of services. 5) Considerable overlap exists between UFHP and non-UFHP catchment areas.


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Angeles, Gustavo
Hutchinson, Paul L.