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The National Organizations Study: An Introduction and Overview


Kalleberg, Arne L.; Knoke, David; Marsden, Peter V.; & Spaeth, Joe L. (1994). The National Organizations Study: An Introduction and Overview. American Behavioral Scientist, 37(7), 860-871.


The National Organizations Study (NOS) surveyed a representative sample of U.S. work establishments about their structure, context, and personnel practices. The survey, which was conducted in 1991, was designed as a multipurpose, multi-investigator project that would produce a database suited to answering questions about social behavior in work organizations that cannot be addressed satisfactorily by less extensive designs. Empirical research based on the NOS, and studies like it, will enhance understanding of questions about organizations qua organizations as well as those involving the relation of organizations to their employees. Thus the study will inform scholarship on inequality, stratification, and labor markets as well as complex organizations.


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Journal Article

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American Behavioral Scientist


Kalleberg, Arne L.
Knoke, David
Marsden, Peter V.
Spaeth, Joe L.