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Diet, Nutrition, and the Pastoral Strategy


Galvin, Kathleen A.; Coppock, D. Layne; & Leslie, Paul W. (1994). Diet, Nutrition, and the Pastoral Strategy. In Fratkin, Elliot M.; Galvin, Kathleen A.; & Roth, Eric Abella (Eds.), African Pastoralist Systems: An Integrated Approach. Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner.


In this text, scholars of African pastoralist societies present overviews of their fields of specialisation and in-depth analyses of their research data. The discussions stress the interrelationships among differing social, economic, ecological and biological aspects of African pastoralism. The first section of the book focuses on social and historial processes, the second on biological perspectives and the third on development and economic change. In a final chapter, the editors synthesise the authors' key themes to reflect on the past, present and future status of African pastoral systems.

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Book Chapter

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African Pastoralist Systems: An Integrated Approach


Galvin, Kathleen A.
Coppock, D. Layne
Leslie, Paul W.


Fratkin, Elliot M.
Galvin, Kathleen A.
Roth, Eric Abella

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Lynne Rienner

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Boulder, Colo.

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