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Is the Gender Division of Labour Changing in Japan?


Tsuya, Noriko O.; Bumpass, Larry L.; Choe, Minja Kim; & Rindfuss, Ronald R. (2005). Is the Gender Division of Labour Changing in Japan?. Asian Population Studies, 1(1), 47-67.


The paper examines potential changes in housework and employment among married couples in Japan. The data are from national surveys in 1994 and 2000 of persons aged 20-49. Wives' housework hours decreased and the proportion of husbands doing any housework increased. A majority of wives are employed, many work full-time and husbands work long hours and many return home late in the evening. While wives do less housework if they are employed, husbands' housework does not respond to their wives' employment. Large gender differences persist, with wives' employment associated with family constraints. In general, changes were the same across categories of the population, though three of five significant interactions with time involved wives' education. A positive relationship between wives' education and any housework by husbands becomes stronger over time. The results suggest gender inequality in housework may decrease in the future, with potential relevance to future marriage and fertility.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Asian Population Studies


Tsuya, Noriko O.
Bumpass, Larry L.
Choe, Minja Kim
Rindfuss, Ronald R.