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Hurlbert, Jeanne & Rosenfeld, Rachel A. (1992). Getting a Good Job: Rank and Institutional Prestige in Academic Psychologists' Careers. Sociology of Education, 65, 188-207.


Studies of academic career trajectories have generally focused on either the rank of jobs or the prestige of the institutions in which they are held. This article uses both dimensions to measure "goodness" of jobs. It first looks at the association between these two measures. Finding that they are weakly negatively associated, it then examines the determinants of these two dimensions of a "good" academic job immediately after graduate school and at least six years later. Data are from a sample of psychologists who began their postdoctorate careers in academia.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Sociology of Education


Hurlbert, Jeanne
Rosenfeld, Rachel A.