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2003 Urban NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) Evaluation Survey


Angeles, Gustavo; Lance, Peter M.; Hutchinson, Paul L.; Mitra, S. N.; & Islam, Shahidul (2005). 2003 Urban NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) Evaluation Survey. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Carolina Population Center MEASURE.


The 2003 Urban NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) Evaluation Survey in Bangladesh provides data to evaluate the urban component of the NSDP in terms of delivering an Essential Service Package (ESP) of primary health care interventions to under-served urban populations of Bangladesh. The survey’s main objective was to collect information about knowledge, awareness, and use of services related to family planning and maternal and child health provided through the NSDP project and its alternatives. Part of a continuing evaluation that began with a 1998 baseline survey and a 2001 mid-project impact evaluation, the 2003 survey was conducted by Mitra and Associates with technical assistance from the MEASURE Evaluation project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Data were collected from 5,691 women in urban areas served by the NSDP and from 4,201 women in non-NSDP urban areas.


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Angeles, Gustavo
Lance, Peter M.
Hutchinson, Paul L.
Mitra, S. N.
Islam, Shahidul