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Piotrowski, Martin (2006). The Effect of Social Networks at Origin Communities on Migrant Remittances: Evidence from Nang Rong District. European Journal of Population, 22(1), 67-94.


The literature on the effect of social networks on migrant remittances has ignored the influence of a household’s embeddedness in social networks in the origin community. This paper, using multilevel statistical modeling and social survey data from Nang Rong district in Thailand, examines how remittances between migrants and origin households are associated with social networks. Social network measures come from data on sibling and rice harvest network ties. Rice harvesting is very important to the rural economy, and households participating in the network are privy to vital sources of news and information that spread through the network. Results support the notion that migrants remit less to households that are isolates in the rice-harvesting network, which is theorized to be associated with access to information about employment options.


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Journal Article

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European Journal of Population


Piotrowski, Martin