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Lambin, Eric F.; Geist, Helmut; & Rindfuss, Ronald R. (2006). Introduction: Local Processes with Global Impacts.. Lambin, Eric F. & Geist, Helmut (Eds.) (pp. 1-8). New York: Springer.


The book presents recent estimates of the rates in changes of major land classes such as forest, cropland and pasture. Among the causative mechanisms behind land change, synergetic factor combinations are found to be more common than single key factor explanations. Aggregated globally, multiple impacts of local land changes are shown to significantly affect central aspects of Earth System functioning. Innovative developments and applications in the fields of modeling and scenario construction are presented. Finally, conclusions are drawn about the most pressing implications for the design of appropriate intervention policies, and on new directions and frontiers of research.

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Lambin, Eric F.
Geist, Helmut
Rindfuss, Ronald R.