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Survey of Reproductive Health among Female MR Workers


Kanal, Emanuel; Gillen, Joseph; Evans, Josephine A.; Savitz, David A.; & Shellock, Frank G. (1993). Survey of Reproductive Health among Female MR Workers. Radiology, 187(2), 395-9.


Epidemiologic data were obtained to evaluate potential risks from exposure to the static and time-varying magnetic fields used in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. A questionnaire sent to women workers in more than 90% of clinical MR facilities in the United States addressed menstrual-reproductive experiences, work activities, and potential confounders (eg, age, smoking, alcohol use). In 1,915 completed questionnaires, 1,421 pregnancies were reported: 280 occurred in an MR worker (technologist or nurse), 894 in an employee in another job, 54 in a student, and 193 in homemakers. Comparing MR-worker pregnancies with those occurring in employees at other jobs, a relative risk ratio of 1.27 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.92-1.77) was found for spontaneous abortions; for conception taking more than 12 months, 0.90 (CI, 0.54-1.51); for delivery before 39 weeks, 1.19 (CI, 0.76-1.88); for birth weight below 5.5 lb (2.5 kg), 1.01 (CI, 0.50-2.04); and for male gender of the offspring, 0.99 (CI, 0.80-1.22). Adjustment for maternal age, smoking, and alcohol use also failed to markedly change any of the associations. These results suggest that there is not a substantial increase in these common adverse reproductive outcomes.


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Kanal, Emanuel
Gillen, Joseph
Evans, Josephine A.
Savitz, David A.
Shellock, Frank G.

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