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Kramarz, Francis; Angrist, Joshua D.; Blau, David M.; Falk, Armin; Robin, Jean-Marc; & Taber, Christopher R. (2006). How to Do Empirical Economics. Investigaciones Economicas, 30(2), 179-206.


This article presents a discussion among leading economists on how to do empirical research in economics. The participants discuss their reasons for starting research projects, data base construction, the methods they use, the role of theory, and their views on the main alternative empirical approaches. The article ends with a discussion of a set of articles which exemplify best practice in empirical work.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Investigaciones Economicas


Kramarz, Francis
Angrist, Joshua D.
Blau, David M.
Falk, Armin
Robin, Jean-Marc
Taber, Christopher R.