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Male Genital Tract Cancer


Fallon, Robert; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Saxman, Scott (2006). Male Genital Tract Cancer.. Bleyer, Archie; O'Leary, Maura; Barr, Ronald; & Ries, Lynn A. Gloeckler (Eds.) (pp. 155-162). Bethesda, Md.: National Cancer Institute.


This monograph is the first to collect detailed information about cancer incidence and outcomes in adolescents and young adults (AYA). It was developed to gather population-based incidence, mortality, and survival data specific to cancers that occur in the AYA population, along with epidemiological data and risk factors for the development of age-specific cancers. We believe this monograph will help educate medical providers and the public about cancer incidence and survival in this age group, and provide the impetus for further research to improve the survival and the quality of life of these young people.


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Fallon, Robert
Olshan, Andrew F.
Saxman, Scott