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Meade, Melinda S. (2008). The Population of the Carolinas.. Bennett, D. Gordon & Patton, Jeffrey C. (Eds.) (pp. 161-185). Boone, N.C.: Parkway Publishers.


Vibrant high-tech centers, shifting barrier islands, okra festivals, Yankee and Latino immigrants, Blue Ridge vistas, world-class universities and empty textile mills-this is the Carolinas. A region of striking natural beauty, rich history, and a rapidly changing economic base, the Carolinas are "Old South" and "New South," intimately local and inextricably global. In A Geography of the Carolinas, eleven noted geographers explore the region's historical, cultural and physical landscapes. Bringing the perspective of the science of geography and a wealth of experience and knowledge, the contributors reveal the patterns, processes, and connections at work in these two great states. Each chapter is an exploration of this diverse terrain of places and peoples, and a fascinating journey for those who wish to understand the past, present, and future of the Carolinas.

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Meade, Melinda S.