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Gitterman, Daniel Paul; Edwards, John R.; O'Connor, Alice; Edelman, Peter B.; Ellwood, David T.; Darity, William A., Jr.; Horn, Wade F.; Sawhill, Isabel V.; Wilson, William Julius; & Duncan, Greg J. (2006). Confronting Poverty: What Role for Public Programs?. Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, 10(1), 9-44.


The overall theme of this session was how public social safety net programs, including tax credits, can help alleviate poverty in the United States. The question is, how can the social safety net offer basic income and assure that families with children do not lack the basic necessities of life? The second family I'll call David's family. So at the end of the day for me, the strategy for poverty reduction in the future is fundamentally a strategy about new opportunities, and new training and education. Wade Horn: At the operating division that I run at HHS, we have been aggressively working to increase access to the EITC, particularly in regions where there is concentrated poverty, such as the Delta region.

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Journal Article

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Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal


Gitterman, Daniel Paul
Edwards, John R.
O'Connor, Alice
Edelman, Peter B.
Ellwood, David T.
Darity, William A., Jr.
Horn, Wade F.
Sawhill, Isabel V.
Wilson, William Julius
Duncan, Greg J.