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An Agent-Based Model of Household Dynamics and Land Use Change


Entwisle, Barbara; Malanson, George P.; Rindfuss, Ronald R.; & Walsh, Stephen J. (2008). An Agent-Based Model of Household Dynamics and Land Use Change. Journal of Land Use Science, 3(1), 73-93.


Climate change will alter patterns of land use, but its effects may also change social organization at multiple levels. This article proposes a spatially explicit agent-based model of migration land use to explore the dynamics of response to floods and droughts in Nang Rong, Thailand to explore this possibility.Within an environmental setting of marginality, villages and households vary in their vulnerability. The model integrates multiple inter-related units: individuals, land parcels, households, subfamilies, social networks, and communities. The inclusion of explicit social networks as resources to be mobilized is an especially innovative element. This article uses the language of mathematics and statistics to describe the model under construction and facilitate comparisons with other spatially explicit agent-based models.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Land Use Science


Entwisle, Barbara
Malanson, George P.
Rindfuss, Ronald R.
Walsh, Stephen J.