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Bender, Deborah E.; Santander, Ana; Patino, Wilson; & Wasserman, Melanie R. (2008). Perceptions of Quality of Reproductive Care Services in Bolivia: Use of Photo Prompts and Surveys as an Impetus for Change. Health Care for Women International, 29(5), 484-506.


Surveys are sometimes used to assess women's perceptions of the quality of reproductive health care, but less empowered women may feel uncomfortable expressing their views in this method. We demonstrate the use of a participatory approach, combining a standard survey with an innovative photonarrative method. Women in Cochabamba, Bolivia, were asked to participate in exit surveys (n = 108). A subsample did photonarratives (n = 20). The survey showed rural women had less access to care, but photonarratives revealed the cause - fear. Women asserted quality of care was high, but photonarratives contradicted survey results. Staff used photonarratives to select action items for quality improvement.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Health Care for Women International


Bender, Deborah E.
Santander, Ana
Patino, Wilson
Wasserman, Melanie R.