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The Development of Four Types of Adolescent Dating Abuse and Selected Demographic Correlates


Foshee, Vangie Ann; Benefield, Thad Steven; Suchindran, Chirayath M.; Ennett, Susan T.; Bauman, Karl E.; Karriker-Jaffe, Katherine J.; Reyes, Heathe Luz McNaughton; & Mathias, Jasmine P. (2009). The Development of Four Types of Adolescent Dating Abuse and Selected Demographic Correlates. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 19(3), 380-400. PMCID: PMC4861398


This study determined the shape of trajectories from ages 13 to 19 of 4 types of dating abuse perpetration and examined whether the demographic characteristics of sex, minority status, socioeconomic status, and family structure systematically explained variation in the trajectories. The data are from 5 waves of data collected from 973 adolescents participating in the control group of a randomized trial. The mean trajectory for psychological dating abuse was positive linear, but the mean trajectories were curvilinear for moderate physical, severe physical, and sexual dating abuse. At all ages, boys reported more severe physical and sexual dating abuse than girls, minorities reported more moderate and severe physical dating abuse than Whites, adolescents in single-parent households reported more psychological and severe physical dating abuse than those in 2-parent-households, and parental education was negatively associated with psychological and moderate physical dating abuse perpetration. The findings have implications for future research and for practice.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Research on Adolescence


Foshee, Vangie Ann
Benefield, Thad Steven
Suchindran, Chirayath M.
Ennett, Susan T.
Bauman, Karl E.
Karriker-Jaffe, Katherine J.
Reyes, Heathe Luz McNaughton
Mathias, Jasmine P.