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Kaufman, Jay S. (2008). Epidemiologic Analysis of Racial/Ethnic Disparities: A Rejoinder to Frank and Exner. Social Science & Medicine, 66(8), 1678-1680. PMCID: PMC2744383


I am grateful for the detailed comments on my essay provided by Reanne Frank (2008), and Derek Exner and Jay Cohn (2008). Although Frank questions the potential benefit of my critiques, I nonetheless find her concerns and proposals to be quite persuasive. In future work, I hope to be more attentive to these recommendations, especially the suggestion to provide detailed re-analysis whenever data are available. While I would welcome the opportunity to discuss her essay in greater detail, I feel the need to use the limited space afforded to this rejoinder to address the more substantial disagreements found in the commentary by Exner and Cohn.


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Journal Article

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Social Science & Medicine


Kaufman, Jay S.