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Cochrane, Susan H. & Guilkey, David K. (1995). The Effects of Fertility Intentions and Access to Services on Contraceptive Use in Tunisia. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 43(4), 779-804.


Evidence on the effects of family planning programs on contraceptive use and fertility has shown mixed results.' The conflict between the results is due, in part, to differences in data sets used and to differences in modeling strategies and estimation methods. A major fault has been the failure to distinguish exogenous from endogenous variables. Because of this, community variables such as family planning access are often included in the same equation with the channels through which they operate. In this case, the apparent impact of access is diminished. Appropriate specification allows the total effects to be observed.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Economic Development and Cultural Change


Cochrane, Susan H.
Guilkey, David K.