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Udry, J. Richard & Bauman, Karl E. (1973). Unwanted Fertility and the Use of Contraception. Health Services Reports, 88(8), 730-732. PMCID: PMC1616155


This paper, one of a series of reporting results of a 5-year research program to examine the consequences of the delivery of subsidized family planning services in the United States, is addressed to the following questions: 1. Are the poor less likely to use PAC than the nonpoor? 2. Are the poor more likely to use drugstore methods than the nonpoor? 3. Do the poor have higher rates of unwanted births than the nonpoor? 4. Can the higher rates of unwanted births to the poor be attributed to their lower use of PAC? We also examine differences between blacks and whites on each of these four points.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Health Services Reports


Udry, J. Richard
Bauman, Karl E.