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Elder, Glen H., Jr. (1995). The Life Course Paradigm: Social Change and Individual Development.. Moen, Phyllis; Elder, Glen H., Jr.; & L├╝scher, Kurt K. (Eds.) (pp. 101-139). Washington: American Psychological Association.


Urie Bronfenbrenner's ecological approach to studying development has transformed the ways many social and behavioral scientists approach human beings and their environments. In the research presented in this volume, the experience of change over the life course is illuminated by the simultaneous examination of person, process, context, space, and time. Among the areas explored by leaders in the field are individual differences in environmental risk, transgenerational perspectives on resiliency, nature/nurture and culture, bioecological models of intellectual development, gender differences in socialization, authoritative parenting, and turning points in adult lives.

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Elder, Glen H., Jr.