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Ennett, Susan T.; Foshee, Vangie Ann; Bauman, Karl E.; Hussong, Andrea M.; Cai, Li; Reyes, Heathe Luz McNaughton; Faris, Robert W.; Hipp, John R.; & DuRant, Robert H. (2008). The Social Ecology of Adolescent Alcohol Misuse. Child Development, 79(6), 1777-1791. PMCID: PMC2597371


A conceptual framework based on social ecology, social learning, and social control theories guided identification of social contexts, contextual attributes, and joint effects that contribute to development of adolescent alcohol misuse. Modeling of alcohol use, suggested by social learning theory, and indicators of the social bond, suggested by social control theory, were examined in the family, peer, school, and neighborhood contexts. Interactions between alcohol modeling and social bond indicators were tested within and between contexts. Data were from a longitudinal study of 6,544 students, 1,663 of their parents, and the U.S. Census. All contexts were uniquely implicated in development of alcohol misuse from ages 11 through 17 years, and most alcohol modeling effects were contingent on attributes of social bonds.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Child Development


Ennett, Susan T.
Foshee, Vangie Ann
Bauman, Karl E.
Hussong, Andrea M.
Cai, Li
Reyes, Heathe Luz McNaughton
Faris, Robert W.
Hipp, John R.
DuRant, Robert H.