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Gupta, Sanjiv; Sayer, Liana C.; & Cohen, Philip N. (2009). Earnings and the Stratification of Unpaid Time among U.S. Women. Social Indicators Research, 93(1), 153-157.


Relatively few quantitative studies have examined socioeconomic differences in time allocation among women, with the exception of Kahneman et al. (2006). This article presents a preliminary analysis of variation by earnings in women’s time spent outside of paid work. We analyze women’s time on leisure, housework, and with children. Recent studies of leisure have found that professionals and highly educated people have less free time than individuals of lower socioeconomic status (Aguiar and Hurst 2007; Gershuny 2000; Jacobs and Gerson 2004).


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Social Indicators Research


Gupta, Sanjiv
Sayer, Liana C.
Cohen, Philip N.