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Campbell, Benjamin C.; Leslie, Paul W.; & Campbell, Kenneth L. (2007). Age-Related Patterns of DHEAS among Turkana Males of Northern Kenya. Aging Male, 10(4), 203-209.


Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) has been widely associated with aging, but little is known about age-related decline of DHEAS in non-western populations. To determine the age-related pattern of DHEAS and its relationship to nutritional status in a subsistence population, we sampled Turkana nomads from northern Kenya. Subjects were 108 nomadic and 90 settled Turkana males, estimated ages 20 to 80þ. Measures included blood DHEAS, height, weight,
skinfolds, and waist circumference. Overall nomads exhibited less adiposity (5.7+1.8% versus 9.0+3.3% body fat) and higher blood DHEAS levels (5.2+3.3 mM versus 4.1+3.1 mM; p¼0.03). Age pattern of DHEAS was curvilinear, peaking in the 30s and 40s. General linear models (GLM) showed that blood DHEAS levels among men over 70 years of age were significantly lower than those in their 30s and 40s. Controlled for age, blood DHEAS was not related to adiposity. These
results suggest that DHEAS levels were higher in those individuals who were calorie restricted. In addition, DHEAS levels rose more slowly than described in other populations, peaking in the fourth decade of life.


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Journal Article

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Aging Male


Campbell, Benjamin C.
Leslie, Paul W.
Campbell, Kenneth L.


Leslie - 0000-0001-9856-4602