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Kasarda, John D. & Vankayalapati, Rambabu (2009). India’s Aviation Sector: Dynamic Transformation.. Swaminathan, Jayashankar M. (Ed.) (pp. 135-159). Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company.


India's prominence in the global economy is on the rise. Are we witnessing the rise of an economic superpower? Or is it a mirage? In this unique collection, leading experts in the field present an in-depth analysis on the rise of the Indian economy across various sectors over the last 15 years and its future. This book explores potential opportunities and pitfalls in business sectors such as software, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics, aviation, marketing and sales, and healthcare. It also provides an overview of potential challenges related to infrastructure, lop sided growth, corruption and education in India. It is geared towards business students, practising managers, multinational firms, potential investors or anyone interested in obtaining a deeper understanding about the Indian businesses.

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Book Section

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World Scientific Series on 21st Century Business


Kasarda, John D.
Vankayalapati, Rambabu