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Child Sex Ratios and Their Regional Variation


Cai, Yong & Lavely, William (2007). Child Sex Ratios and Their Regional Variation.. Zhao, Zhongwei & Guo, Fei (Eds.) (pp. 108-123). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.


This book examines the major demographic changes that have taken in China in recent decades and the major demographic challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. The extensive evidence presented in the book demonstrates that China has been going through a profound demographic revolution characterized by drastic mortality decline, unprecedented fertility transition, rapid increase of internal migration, fast change in population age structure, and remarkable variations in demographic patterns across different regions and among various ethnic groups. The book systematically analyzes challenges brought about by these changes and their impact on China's future socio-economic development. On the basis of their extensive research and newly available data, contributors to this book provide the latest updated and insightful studies on a wide range of population issues.

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Cai, Yong
Lavely, William