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Phillips, Scott; Hagan, Jacqueline Maria; & Rodríguez, Nestor (2006). Brutal Borders? Examining the Treatment of Deportees during Arrest and Detention. Social Forces, 85(1), 93-109.


Recent legislation has produced a dramatic rise in the detention and removal of immigrants from the United States. Drawing on interviews with a random sample of Salvadoran deportees, we examine treatment during arrest and detention. Our findings indicate: (1) deportees are often subject to verbal harassment, procedural failings and use of force; (2) force tends to be excessive; (3) force is more common against deportees than citizens; (4) situational contingencies and organizational actors influence force, but ecological settings do not.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Social Forces


Phillips, Scott
Hagan, Jacqueline Maria
Rodríguez, Nestor