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Capps, Randy; Hagan, Jacqueline Maria; & Rodríguez, Nestor (2004). Border Residents Manage the U.S. Immigration and Welfare Reforms.. Kretsedemas, Philip & Aparicio, Ana (Eds.) (pp. 229-249). Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers.


In many respects, the United States remains a nation of immigrants. This is the first book length treatment of the impact of the 1996 welfare reform act on a wide range of immigrant groups in North America. Contributors to the book draw on ethnographic fieldwork, government data, and original survey research to show how welfare reform has reinforced socio-economic hardships for working poor immigrants. As the essays reveal, reform laws have increased the social isolation of poor immigrant households and discouraged large numbers of qualified immigrants from applying for health and welfare services. All of the articles highlight the importance of examining federal policy guidelines in conjunction with local enforcement policies, labor market dynamics, and immigrant attitudes toward government agencies.

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Capps, Randy
Hagan, Jacqueline Maria
Rodríguez, Nestor