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Esse Est Percipi


Coclanis, Peter A. (2007). Esse Est Percipi. Journal of Southern History, 73(3), 589-602.


TO START A REVIEW ESSAY IN EARLY MODERN ECONOMIC HISTORY WITH A phrase associated with Bishop George Berkeley, one of that era's fore most immaterialists, is both ironic and depressing. But this phrase, esse est percipi?to be is to be perceived?captures well the present predicament economic historians of that period face. Although some excellent work is still being done in the field of economic history, it is little appreciated, indeed, little read. With a nod to the bishop, we might even ask: If an economic historian writes an article in the Journal of Economic History or in Explorations in Economic History, and no one reads it, did he or she really write it? Esse est percipi.


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Journal Article

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Journal of Southern History


Coclanis, Peter A.