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Coker, David Robert


Coclanis, Peter A. (2007). Coker, David Robert.. Garraty, John A. & Carnes, Mark C. (Eds.). New York: American Council of Learned Societies and Oxford University Press.


Biography matters. From missionaries to musicians, social workers to statisticians, cowboys to chemists, and Vikings to astronauts, the portraits in the American National Biography Online (the ANB) reflect the rich diversity of American life from pre-colonial times to the present day.
Featuring thousands of illustrations, and tens of thousands of hyperlinked cross-references and links to other (select) websites, the ANB is a powerful research tool for all levels of study.
Published in 24 volumes in 1999 and then online in 2000, the ANB won instant acclaim as the new authority in American biographies. Winner of the American Library Association's Dartmouth Medal as the best reference work of the year, the ANB now serves readers in thousands of school, public, and academic libraries around the world.


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Coclanis, Peter A.