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Tangible Global Competency


Coclanis, Peter A. (2009). Tangible Global Competency. International Educator, 19(7), 56-58.


I have spent most of my professional career either doing research or writing in the field of international economic history or as an administrator in the area of international education. In other words, I am one of us. Over the course of the past two decades-during our latest bout of globalization-we have heard more and more about the importance of imparting to our students a set of global competencies, a greater appreciation of cultural differences, and an enhanced sensitivity to the imperatives associated with responsible global citizenship. In so doing, I tis assumed that we are facilitating among our students what might be called “global readiness,” which at the very least will give them a competitive edge in our ever flattening world.

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Journal Article

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International Educator


Coclanis, Peter A.