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Kaufman, Jay S. (2009). Commentary: Gilding the Black Box. International Journal of Epidemiology, 38(3), 845-847.


Most epidemiology textbooks have the obligatory passage on ‘what is a cause?’ These discussions often start with Hume, pass reverently through Bradford-Hill and (if the book is of relatively recent vintage) end with Pearl. But as Hafeman and Schwartz point out in their essay, few texts in our field go on to the question that really motivates these authors, which is ‘what is a causal structure?’ The closest thing I can find on my own bookcase might be Mervyn Susser's ‘Causal Thinking in the Health Sciences’, now more than 35 years old and long out of print.


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Journal Article

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International Journal of Epidemiology


Kaufman, Jay S.

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