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LeFevre, Judith; Hedricks, Cynthia A.; Church, Ruth B.; & McClintock, Martha K. (1992). Psychological and Social Behavior of Couples over a Menstrual Cycle: 'On-the-Spot' Sampling from Everyday Life.. Dan, Alice J. & Lewis, Linda L. (Eds.). Urbana, Ill.: University of Illinois Press.


Menstrual health education, migraine headaches that occur around the time of the period, menstrual synchrony, seasonal variations in the menstrual cycle, tampon safety, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are among the topics discussed in this interdisciplinary volume. PMS, the subject of much current research and controversy, is a central focus of the book. Social scientists will be intrigued by the chapters on menopause as a bicultural event and on cross-cultural attitudes toward menstruation and menopause. Psychologists, medical professionals, and anthropologists, as well as social scientists and laypeople interested in women’s health, will find this an accessible and necessary volume.

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LeFevre, Judith
Hedricks, Cynthia A.
Church, Ruth B.
McClintock, Martha K.