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Lively, Kathryn J.; Powell, Brian; Geist, Claudia; & Steelman, Lala Carr (2008). Inequity among Intimates: Applying Equity Theory to the Family.. Hegtvedt, Karen A. & Clay-Warner, Jody (Eds.) (pp. 87-115). Bingley, England: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.


Advances in Group Processes publishes theoretical analyses, reviews, and theory based empirical chapters on group phenomena. It is the premier outlet for interdisciplinary group related research, publishing papers on a range of group processes, broadly defined. This includes work on groups ranging from the very small to the very large, and on classic and contemporary topics such as status, power, exchange, justice, influence, decision-making, intergroup relations and social networks. Previous contributors have included scholars from diverse fields including sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, computer science, mathematics and organizational behaviour.

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Lively, Kathryn J.
Powell, Brian
Geist, Claudia
Steelman, Lala Carr