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Elbon, Suzanne; Nsubuga, Peter; Knowles, Jacky; Bobrow, Emily A.; Parvanta, Ibrahim; Timmer, Arnold; & van der Haar, Frits (2006). Micronutrient Action Plan Instructional Tool (MAPit): A Training Tool to Support Public Health Professionals' Efforts to Eliminate Micronutrient Malnutrition. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 43(4), 353-368.


Micronutrient malnutrition (MM) is a global health problem that affects the national socioeconomic stability of an affected country. This article describes a multimedia training tool, the Micronutrient Action Plan instructional tool (MAPit), which has been designed to support public health professionals’ efforts to eliminate MM. An overview and description of the main sections and features of MAPit are provided. The system is unique from other training tools on this topic because it reviews all components of an elimination program in one publication, it is based on a new model that highlights the dynamic nature of MM programs, and it includes an extensive archive of resources related to MM. MAPit is an initial step that builds the capacity of public health professionals to collaborate with national partners in MM-prevention and elimination activities.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Innovations in Education and Teaching International


Elbon, Suzanne
Nsubuga, Peter
Knowles, Jacky
Bobrow, Emily A.
Parvanta, Ibrahim
Timmer, Arnold
van der Haar, Frits